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The state of gold and red sky-high rock formations, Arizona is gorgeous. If you are a nature lover, this is the state for you! Arizona is great for hikers, campers, and explorers. Make sure you delegate some time to sit and enjoy the scenery.

This blog is made of up my top 4 recommended hikes from the Northern part of the state to the Southern.

  • Horseshoe Bend

Right along the boarder of Arizona and Colorado is Horseshoe Bend, and it is easily accessible by car. Take the exit off Highway 89 between mile markers 544 and 545. You will find a parking lot, and then a short ¾ mile walk over to the edge. Be sure to keep dogs on a leash.

  • Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a bit harder to get to because you have to have a tour to enter. You can book private tours if you want a more personal experience, but we did a tour through Roger Ekis’ Antelope Canyon Tours and it was great. We got photos without people in them, so there was no need for us to book a private tour.

Finding the building to check in was a little complicated, it’s in a strip mall with a red sign on top. We chose this tour because it was the cheapest we found, $90 for an upper antelope canyon tour.

The open trucks you ride on to get to the beginning of the trail are so much fun! Our tour guide was also a photographer, so he told us how to adjust the setting on our iPhones to capture the most vibrant colors. It was incredible! The tour lasts an hour and a half, and is so worth it!!

  • Devil’s Bridge

Sedona is known for the one-of-a-kind views seen along the many hikes offered. Devil’s Bridge is at the top of the list, drawing visitors in with its large sandstone arch. We took our engagement photos there, and while they were over the top, they were SO worth it!!

Since we were doing a photoshoot here, we had planned to get there an sunrise, this meant getting to the trailhead at 5am. Our photographer, Tyler Rye, was very familiar with the area and was a huge help. He has a Tacoma, so we were able to drive about a mile in, rather than walking 2 miles each way.

My tip to you is to arrive early. We had the bridge to ourselves for at least an hour and a half before anyone else showed up. If you have a truck or Jeep, arriving that early means you can also drive in and hike much less. But, don’t let that discourage you if that’s not an option. It’s about 4 miles round trip, and will probably take about 2 hours with ample photo stops!

Oh what a cool hidden gem this hike is! We got lost at first, so make sure you follow the trail map. If you start heading to the left in front of the big rock face, turn around, you are on the wrong path.

Bring bug spray! The gnats can get intense here. The last bit of the hike is very steep, so be ready to climb over some rocks and up a steep incline.

Must Do's

  • All of these hikes :)

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