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San Diego

अपडेट करने की तारीख: 19 मई 2022

San Diego is probably our favorite weekend get-away. It is only a two-hour drive and offers a miraculously different culture from LA. San Diego is elegant yet beachy, relaxed yet exciting.

La Jolla is probably one of the biggest draws to San Diego. La Jolla is a beach located a bit north of the city, filled with caves to kayak in, sea lions grazing on the rocks, and little beaches nestled into the cliffs where you can hang out for the day.

There are also great places to eat and shop all around La Jolla. I recommend renting a scooter and zipping your way around the town.

o Food

Located in La Jolla is a place called the Trilogy Sanctuary. On the roof, you can order food (vegan) and sit looking over the city, rooftop yoga, rooftop aerial yoga, and a little boutique. It’s a bit pricey, but the food is delicious, healthy, and worth the view. I have never taken yoga here but from the looks of it, it is a one of a kind experience.

Café Gratitude is a chain restaurant with a clever way to order your food and raise your vibration. Each food item is named an affirmation, so when you order you say “I am connected, I am abundant, and I am thriving” and the waiter knows you want a burger with a salad on the side, and lemonade… How cool?! The aesthetic of the café is light and open, this restaurant has become a favorite of mine due to the overall look, taste, quality, and environment.

If you want to have dinner watching the sunset over the ocean, I recommend Lahaina Beach House. It is located over in Pacific Beach, right on the water. It is casual, picture your typical beachside restaurant and there you have it. The view is what draws people to it, but they stay for the food and chill atmosphere.

o Nightlife

There are two main locations to go out in San Diego, downtown or by the beach (known as Pacific Beach). All the places mentioned below are downtown.

Country music makes me the happiest, line-dancing chick in a bar so naturally, I loved Moonshine Flats. There is a place to line dance, normal dance, play games, and chill out. They will also occasionally have concerts here, if you are interested in one, check out the schedule online. I was only able to hang out here for about an hour and some change, but the night was a blast. If you’re a country fan, give this place a visit.

Trailer Park After Dark, what a blast from the past this place was! This is an underground bar, designed to look like a trailer park… but it’s the most extravagant trailer park you’ve ever been to. The DJ was awesome when we went, playing all the songs you forgot from the 90s. My goodness, it was a BLAST. Even if this isn’t your vibe, take a stop in here and have a drink, it is worth it!

If you are looking for a more elegant environment, check out Rooftop by STK. We started the night here because it is geared more towards conversation and interaction, rather than dancing and music. With fireplaces and comfy couches, this bar is a great place to take in the view with good company.

Opposite the atmosphere of Rooftop by STK, we have Flicks. This is a gay bar located on University Ave, the gay bar strip. If you enter, you will dance. It’s as simple as that. You can also sing karaoke and dance on stage. Live your best queen life.

There are plenty of hookah bars to choose from, we went to Myst Lounge. This bar is central to all the bars downtown so it’s a good place to end your night at. They serve food as well if you need a late-night snack.


o Trilogy Sanctuary

o Cafe Gratitude


o Moonshine Flats

o Trailer Park After Dark

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